Following the outcome of the EU Referendum, the Lighting Industry Association has stressed that it is “business as usual” within the UK and with EU member states on the continent.

Despite the Leave majority vote, the result is not legally binding and nothing formally changes until Article 50 is triggered and two years of negotiations take place.

In the meantime, the UK lighting industry and its counterparts elsewhere in the EU – of which the UK is still currently a part – will continue to work together.

The LIA said: “The LIA urges the UK government to do all it can to calm the waters and return to stability and we will do everything we can to help bring this about and remove uncertainty.”

“We are heartened by messages received from many EU lighting associations assuring us of their wish to remain as friends and close working allies for the benefit of the lighting industry,” it added.

There is also no immediate change in the legislation governing health and safety in the UK – including hazardous area lighting installations, which should currently still be put in place and maintained to the same high standards as before the vote took place.