Additional information to the market launch eLLK 92 LED 400/800: Pre-equipping with eLLK 92 „LED ready“ luminaires


CEAG eLLK92 LED....ready
CEAG eLLK92 LED….ready

During the introduction phase of the new linear Ex-LED luminaires we recognized that many customers are interested in our new linear LED luminaires. But for budget reason, some of our customers bought the eLLK 92 luminaires without the LED module in advance, using them first with conventional fluorescent lamps. Later, when the budget is available, they only need to replace the fluorescent lamps with LED modules.

This pre-equipped “LED ready” version allows the customers to take most advantages of our linear LED light fitting. Thanks to the build-in EMC-kit the customers only need to replace the fluorescent lamps by LED modules.

This “LED ready” version does not affect the re-equipment of eLLK 92 light fittings, which have already been installed, with LED modules. These LED- modules have additionally the required EMC-kit included and are listed as accessories in our new lighting catalogue.

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