Reports that the collapsed building at Didcot Power Station had exploded now seem to be inaccurate, but concerns of a possible explosion continue at the site, with emergency services treading carefully in what appears to still be an extremely hazardous area.

Several people remain missing since the incident on February 23rd, and the search has now become more about recovering bodies than rescuing any more survivors.

But even the recovery efforts are being hampered by the presence of a second building already cut and primed for demolition.

According to the latest reports, the original incident did not involve an explosion, but simply a collapse; but all involved will be keen to ensure no new hazardous area is created due to the presence of demolition explosives or any further collapse.

Chief Fire Officer Dave Etheridge from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “The rescue teams are working through the debris, with their safety being my first consideration. However, everything we are doing remains consistent with a rescue operation.

“The rescue teams are working under very difficult circumstances, with a structure that is unsafe and with unstable piles of materials from the collapsed building.”