The seventh edition of EEMUA’s handbook on Ex equipment installations looks at some of the revisions made to standards affecting the technology.

Entitled ‘A practitioner’s handbook for potentially explosive atmospheres’, the latest version of the guide was published by EEMUA at the end of March, and discussed in more detail in a seminar on April 28th.

The organisation said: “The new seventh edition has been updated to align with the latest versions of the relevant standards, in particular the fifth editions of IEC 60079-14 and 60079-17.

“The chapters on equipment, installation and inspection in particular have been revised extensively, including EEMUA’s recommendations on barrier gland selection.”

Officially designated as EEMUA 186, the handbook is linked with industry training, competency and assessment, and covers some of the fundamental aspects of installing Ex equipment in hazardous areas.

EEMUA are the Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association – originally dating right back to the 1940s, at a time when the development of new equipment was outpacing the introduction of new standards on how to use it.

The original name was just the Engineering Equipment Users Association; the ‘M’ was added in 1983 when the rapidly changing petroleum industry joined and the Oil Companies’ Materials Association was absorbed into the organisation.