Ex control stations and similar industrial controls and factory automation can combine to reduce the risk to humans working in or around hazardous areas.

A new publication from Wise Guy Reports looks at the global market for factory automation and industrial controls from 2016 to 2022.

It encompasses a broad range of categories from pressure and temperature sensors to relays and switches, as well as industrial control systems and supervisory control stations.

“Remote terminal units now enable control of machines over the entire shop floor thereby increasing ease of use and also reducing human exposure to hazardous areas,” the analyst states.

“This coupled with the advances in sensor technology has started the era for smart manufacturing. This provides increased efficiency with reduced human intervention.”

For those working in hazardous areas and potentially explosive environments, Ex control stations offer remote access to equipment – including crucial emergency stop options in the event of an incident.

This means human operators do not have to be physically located where they could potentially be in harm’s way, but can still have as close control over Ex equipment as they would have if standing right beside it.