The global market for hazardous area connectors is forecasted to achieve a compound annual growth rate in excess of 5% throughout the remainder of the decade.

Hazardous area connectors are used throughout industrial settings in order to enhance safety and to meet legislative and regulatory standards, particularly in designated Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations.

According to analysis from Wise Guy Reports: “These connectors provide protection to the industrial equipment and to the personnel. Moreover, they prevent the occurrence of major accidents in the hazardous areas.

“Thus, knowing all the parameters that can guide us in choosing the right kind of hazardous location connector is critically important, in order to avoid the risk of explosion or fire due to ignitable gases, dusts or vapours.”

In 2015, the global market for hazardous area connectors was measured at a value of $10.74 billion, but this is predicted to grow by 5.22% through the remainder of the decade, to reach $13.85 billion by 2020.

This includes hazardous area connectors that are designed to be explosion-proof, along with flame-proof and corrosion-proof components as well.