Ex lighting and LED lights are just two of the segments contributing towards rapid growth in marine lighting market demand, according to a new report.

ResearchandMarkets have just published Marine Lighting – Global Market Outlook (2018-2027) including a forecast of growth in the market for much of the coming decade.

Blast-proof lighting market growth

The study notes how specifications for blast-proof lighting in marine applications are among the driving forces behind that growth.

It also lists the technologies used in marine lighting in general, including fluorescent, xenon, halogen and LED lighting as the four main types.

With regard to utility lighting for marine environments, the report states: “The compartment and utility segment is constantly enhancing during the forecast period due to its significance in commercial vessels applications.

“These lights are practical and ordered by guidelines to be made of blast confirmation materials.”

Lighting for marine vessels

Ex lighting for marine hazardous areas has applications on commercial vessels and passenger ships alike, providing much-needed illumination in all conditions at sea.

In addition, boats and other seafaring vessels have a number of specific applications for lighting technologies, from LED lighting in interiors, to navigation and docking lights, dome lights and other safety lights aboard the ship.