Bonfire Night came early to Bracknell as the offices of outside broadcast company NEP Visions were destroyed by fire, in an incident which also saw a hazardous area evacuated amid fears that gas canisters could cause further explosions.

News outlets showed images of fireballs rising into the night sky above the building, which has reportedly been completely destroyed by the blaze, and is likely to need to be rebuilt from scratch.

Staff initially tried to fight the fire themselves, before evacuating and leaving the job to the emergency services; however, fire crews were unable to save much of the building itself.

They were able to rescue some of the company’s equipment though, bringing some high-value electronics out and clear of the hazardous area created by the fire.

In true ‘the show must go on’ style, NEP Visions said it would manage to complete all of its outstanding broadcast work – including filming horse racing and upper-league football matches the weekend immediately following the November 3rd incident.

However, it is still likely that the losses will reach into the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, both in terms of equipment damage, and the collapse of the roof and much of the structure of the building.