Exd cable glands from Hawke International will be among the products on show in Amsterdam from June 3rd as the Netherlands plays host to the 11th Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference Europe.

The 2014 conference covers a broad range of issues affecting electricity and instrumentation in the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries.

Main topics on the agenda range from engineering good practices, to extreme conditions – such as subsea installations, offshore, arctic and extreme heat.

This year’s event begins on June 3rd and lasts until June 5th and is an opportunity for those in the industry to meet their international counterparts and share their knowledge and expertise.

Among the exhibitors will be Hawke International, manufacturers of hazardous area connectors under the PowerEx, ControlEx, InstrumEx and Mark IV ControlEx product families.

“We will be showing our full range of accessories, connectors, cable glands and enclosures,” Hawke International said ahead of the event.

It is the second exhibition of Hawke International’s Exd cable glands and enclosures in recent weeks, following an appearance at the Offshore Technology Conference 2014 in Houston, Texas on May 5th-8th.