Hazardous area signals and sounders are one of the three main channels driving the global signals market, according to a newly published report.

The market research report from Future Market Insights lists hazardous area signals and sounders as one of the three primary segments in the industry, along with wide area signalling, and fire and industrial signalling.

They span a broad range of end-user industries, from mining and marine applications, to sports, commercial, factories and warehouses.

Even the precise type of technology varies depending on the specific challenges of the hazardous area in question – and while some signals are visual, others are audible alarms, or a combination of the two.

In this way, locations where the signal might not always be visible can be protected with a sound alarm, and noisy environments where an alarm might not be heard are given the support of a brightly coloured, flashing or strobing light as well.

“These devices are manufactured for specific applications,” the report notes, “so they have some additional features – like a fire alarm is made up of fire-proof material to work continuously, even in a fire.”