Heat detectors – along with current, voltage, pressure and gas detectors – are all contributing towards the global market for hazardous area sensors.

This is the conclusion of a report from Reportbuyer, which looks at those segments and their combined value, as well as their prospects for the future.

The scope of the report focuses especially on hazardous area sensors for explosive environments, taking 2015 as its benchmark and looking through to 2023 and beyond.

It says: “The growing importance for ‘Intrinsic Safety’ across various industry verticals is primarily driving growth of the hazardous area sensors market.

“Additionally, increasing stringency of government legislations and policies across the globe, governing hazardous area certified products, have been compelling users of hazardous area equipment to adhere to strict classification standards and certifications.”

Shale gas is listed as a specific growth market, with increasing exploration in this area helping to drive demand for hazardous area sensors.

“Considering the positive impacts of the factors mentioned previously, the hazardous area sensors market can be anticipated to grow steadily during the forecast period,” the report concludes.