LED LightingLED lighting is continually growing in popularity for hazardous areas, thanks to its low maintenance and low energy consumption, as well as its ability to illuminate an area without generating large amounts of heat – perfect where there is a risk of explosion.

A lot of more recent LED lighting is suitable for installation to a single circuit, which can then be connected into ATEX certified junction boxes, extending the benefits in hazardous areas from the lighting itself to the cabling that powers it.

But it’s important to remember that ATEX certified junction boxes must only be modified by qualified personnel – and any changes made to them by other individuals will invalidate the certification.

At Cable Systems we can provide you with those qualified personnel, who have the authorisation to make changes to certified junction boxes in situ, or by bringing them to our premises in Warrington.

Once the necessary modifications are made, the enclosures can be recertified by our authorised personnel, leaving you with peace of mind that your hazardous areas are still protected.