Heli decks have their own inherent hazards, but combined with the environment in which they operate – especially in the petrochemical industries, for example – they can further reinforce this need for the right hazardous area equipment.

A simple but crucial addition to any heli deck or runway is a wind sock, offering a practical visual indication of the direction and strength of the wind – but in order to be seen at night, this must be illuminated.

Wind socks for hazardous areas include suitable luminaires around the sock itself, with power cables running safely through the sock’s main support pole, so no external light source is needed to see the wind strength.

On the deck itself, LED lighting offers a suitable solution for perimeter lights, providing a clearly visible target landing zone for the helicopter pilot.

Bulkhead lights are a further LED lighting solution for general purposes, and can be supplied with a wire guard and bird spikes if they are going to be mounted in an exposed or horizontal position; importantly, LEDs can be used in Ex lighting suitable for use alongside Zone 1 equipment in the most hazardous areas.