One of the biggest risks of ignition or explosion in hazardous areas can be the presence of a high-voltage mains power supply, but with the correct control panels and distribution boards, there is no reason why this should lead to a dangerous spark in the presence of flammable fumes.

Ex power supplies combined with surge protection can be used in hazardous areas ranging not only from Zone 2 to Zone 1, but even in areas of highest risk, classified as Zone 0 for the persistent presence of hazardous fumes or other dangerous substances.

Ex power supplies are rated for wide temperature ranges, including sub-zero conditions, with long operating spans between planned maintenance or equipment failure – which not only reduces the need for engineers to enter the hazardous areas, but is especially ideal for systems in hard-to-reach locations.

Surge protection helps to reduce any risks associated with over-voltage, safeguarding equipment connected to the power supply, preventing excess heat from building up, and crucially avoiding any sparks caused by excess current, which could in turn ignite an explosion or fire.

Control and distribution boards give you the ability to safely route your electricity and switch it on and off, including in an emergency, so that a live current is no longer present during any unavoidable hazardous area incident.

There are switches for all kinds of applications, from simple two-pole control switches suitable for hazardous areas, to on-off and changeover installation switches, to multiple pole safety switches and isolators, and we are always happy to advise on the best control system for a particular environment or hazardous area equipment.

Finally, there are steps you can take to safeguard the cabling, plugs and sockets you use, starting with covered industrial power sockets with three, four or five-pin connectors; flange sockets with sturdy enclosures provide solid connection points for equipment, again without exposing the surrounding area to any unshielded current or potential sparks.

And with cable ladders and cable trays to carry your electrical wiring around a safe route through your premises, you can make sure cables stay where they are supposed to be, and do not stray into any more hazardous areas nearby.