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BICC Prysmian Bicon E1W Cable Gland Kit

Indoor/outdoor weatherproof for SWA cables

Kit comprises: E1W gland, brass earth tag, zinc plated steel locknut and shroud


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Bicon E1W 20S Brass Indoor and Outdoor Cable Gland and Accessories

E1W Cable Glands are suitable for Circular Galvanised Steel Single Wire Armoured, Plastic or Rubber Sheathed Cables with Extruded Bedding

Bicon Brass Cable Glands are suitable for use in most climatic conditions, weatherproof and waterproof

  • Bicon E1W Glands are approved to EN 50262, BS6121:Pt 1:1989
  • This E1W Cable Gland is IP66 rated when used with a suitable sealing washer or thread sealant at the gland interface
  • Inner and outer seal rated to IP66
  • Service temperature -20°C to +90°C
  • Features a three part armour lock with separate armour locking ring, ideal for checking electrical continuity
  • Outer seal grips the sheath of the cable
  • Inner seal grips bedding layer of cable
  • Manufactured from CuZn39Pb3 extruded brass alloy used for guaranteed strength and performance
Cable Dimensions mmBicon E1W

Cable Gland Size

Bicon E1W Cable Gland Dimensions mm
Under Armour Diameter AOverall Diameter BArmour Wire DiameterEntry ThreadApprox. Length from Shoulder mm FHexagon Size
MinMaxMinMaxCSize DLength EAcross Flats GAcross Corners H

Download BICC E1W Datasheet