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FHF AWSL Signalling Bell

Corrosion-resistant signalling devices for indoor and outdoor use.

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The AWS Signalling Bells are used for clear calling, reporting and warning purposes if a high-pitched bell sound shall stand out clearly against ambient noise. Different dome sizes enable an ideal signalling.

The AWS Signalling Bell with integrated call voltage relay is used for signalling purposes as secondary telephone sounder. The AWSL Slow-stroke Bell allows a continuously adjustable stroke frequency of 30 to 90 strokes per minute.

The housing consists of corrosion-resistant, coated die-cast aluminium. The stainless steel bell dome is also protected with a corrosion-resistant coating.


  • Multi-stroke and single-stroke signalling bell, Slow stroke signalling bell with adjustable stroke rate between 30/min. and 90/min
  • Various flat domes
  • Signalling bell AWS with call voltage relay
  • Volume approx. 105 to 110 dB(A)
  • Ingress protection IP 55
  • Continuous operation
Area classification Weatherproof
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Ingress protection IP55
Material Body: aluminium. Dome: steel
Weight 1.8kg with 150mm flat dome
2.95kg with 250mm flat dome
Voltage 11.5-33Vdc, 230Vac*
Sound output Max: 105dB, 1m for 150 mm dome (±3dB)*
Max: 110dB, 1m for 250 mm dome (±3dB)*
Options Dome size, strike rate

FHF AWSL Signalling Bell Datasheet

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