The UK is currently experiencing an unseasonal heat wave, with temperatures topping 20C for the first time in meteorological winter in recorded history – so what does this mean for controlling hazardous area temperature? Well although the temperatures are high for February, they are still lower than you would expect in a typical summer, so hazardous area equipment that is designed for use all year round should still be well within its normal operating range.

However, the higher than normal temperatures do mean you should pay close attention to hazardous area heaters and ensure that you adjust your thermostat and hazardous area heating controls to account for the extra ambient heat.

Hazardous area thermostats – a safe option throughout the year

Hazardous area thermostats are useful in unseasonal weather as they allow automatic adjustment of hazardous area heaters, ensuring that enclosed spaces do not overheat.

In this sense, heating controls for hazardous areas are as important, if not more so, when ambient air temperatures are higher as when your hazardous area heaters are operating at or close to their full capacity – a great example of when one piece of hazardous area equipment serves a dual purpose throughout the year.

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