Hazardous area equipment labels are often exposed to difficult environmental conditions, so it is important that they are able to withstand their environment.

Our engraving services for hazardous area equipment labels allow you to etch the essential information – such as unique serial numbers and operating parameters – directly into the surface of a stainless-steel label. In this way, the crucial data is indelible, and cannot accidentally be removed either due to fading ink, being painted over, or due to a paper label being removed or illegibly scuffed.

We provide engraving services for hazardous area equipment labels particularly to the electrical engineering industry, as well as for any equipment destined for use in an area where engraved steel labels are preferable.

Our equipment tags are manufactured in stainless steel or Traffolyte, a material made of bonded layers of different coloured plastic. Engraved Traffolyte labels naturally aid legibility, as the exposed lower layer of plastic is in a contrasting colour – providing permanent colouring to the letters without the need to ink or paint them in.

Cable Systems engraving services are available on demand at competitive rates, and using the most modern engraving equipment to produce high-quality hazardous area equipment labels that will withstand the tests of time.