The 2015 ABB Kopex-Ex catalogue adds several new ex cable glands and valves to the company’s comprehensive product range of flexible conduit system solutions for use in hazardous areas.

Published earlier this month, the catalogue includes more than 3,000 products selected from Kopex-Ex’s 56 product areas.

These are designed for use in hazardous areas by OEMs and engineers, to allow a flexible conduit system solution to be specified that is precisely suited to the needs of the job.

Among the newest additions to the line-up are C4 and C5 ex cable glands, which are unarmoured and armoured respectively.

ISR glands are also new to this year’s catalogue – these are aluminium cable glands to be used in NEC markets with unarmoured cables.

And finally, a new drain valve added to the catalogue allows moisture to escape from enclosures.

“Industries and sectors – including oil and gas, mining, defence, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, power generation and utilities – have regularly chosen our products and services for their hazardous area applications,” the company said.

“As their businesses have evolved, so too have our solutions, ensuring ABB Kopex-Ex have stayed at the forefront of flexible conduit system development.”