SupplyPoint vending machines from Cable Systems are a great way to manage hazardous area equipment, giving you instant inventory control and user permissions when supplying safety gear and test equipment to employees and engineers.

The vending machines accept a variety of different user login methods, giving you flexible access control for all authorised users, and a range of different sized lockable compartments for small to medium-sized test equipment, safety gear and other hazardous area equipment.

Vehicle keys can also be kept safe inside a small compartment or drawer, effectively locking down the vehicle to only authorised users.

When an authorised user checks out a particular item, it is allocated to them by name until it is returned, and a signal light on the relevant compartment makes it easy for them to locate and remove the item without spending time searching for it.

If stocks of a consumable item run low, the system can alert you to this too, allowing you to place an order for restocking by your suppliers.

Together with remote inventory access via your workplace computer network, this gives you full control and visibility of your hazardous area equipment – ensuring that nothing falls into unauthorised hands and that no essential supplies of consumable safety products run out.