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Chalmit Arran LED Floodlight
Chalmit Arran LED Floodlight

Chalmit Arran LED Floodlight Chalmit

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Ex nA Floodlight Zone 2, 21 & 22

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Chalmit Arran LED Floodlight Details

Sleek and highly efficient this reliable compact floodlight delivers a uniform photometric distribution and powerful performance of 130,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C. Its excellent temperature range of -50°C to 55°C makes it a global lighting solution providing high output lighting at extreme temperatures. Offering an easily maintainable driver and LED strip, the Arran provides all the advantages of an LED luminaire with the benefit of extending its serviceable life.


  • Instant on crisp white output
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • 130,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C
  • Lower power consumption than HID lamps
  • Low temperature applications to -50°C
Arran II LED Floodlight
Part Number: ARRN/11L/LE

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Arran II LED Floodlight
Part Number: ARRN/15L/LE

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Type of Protection     Ex nA (Non Sparking) Ex tb (Dust Protected Enclosure)
Area Classification     Zone 2 and Zone 22 areas to EN 60079-10-1 and EN 60079-10-2 with installation to EN60079-14
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 3 GD Group II Category 2 D
IECEx     IECEx Certificate of Conformity IECEx CML 14.0044
ATEX     EC Type Examination Certificate CML 14ATEX4106 (Zone 2/22) CML 14ATEX3107 (Zone 21)
Coding     Ex nA IIC Gc Ex tc IIIC Dc Ex tb IIIC Db IP6X Refer to table for T Rating and Ambient
Enclosure     Aluminium alloy with epoxy powder finish
Entry     2 x M20 cable entries
Termination     3 core 6mm² max. conductor with looping
Installation     Stirrup mounting bracket
Control Gear     Electronic Driver
Ingress Protection     IP66
Electrical Supply     120-277V AC 50/60Hz
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Chalmit Arran LED Floodlight