It’s important not just to buy the right hazardous area equipment, but to ensure that it is installed and configured for correct use – which is why we offer several services and solutions for hazardous area equipment customers.
For example, we can provide certified engineers to modify exe enclosures and junction boxes, so that the equipment’s certification is not invalidated and to ensure it remains safe for operation afterwards.
We can supply customised exe distribution panels and boards from Eaton Crouse-Hinds, and custom assembled exe enclosures from several of the market-leading manufacturers.
Our containment products – including unistrut cable trays and channels – can be supplied cut to length, so that you do not have to cut them on-site.
This not only speeds up installation, but has clear benefits so that you do not face cutting metal in a zone where potentially flammable gases and dusts could be ignited by a stray spark.
We offer marking and engraving services for robust, rugged labelling of equipment, and can even offer on-site cable gland installation training to help you comply with present-day competency requirements.
To find out more about these and other services and solutions for hazardous area equipment installation, contact Cable Systems today.