Working in hazardous areas can be awkward enough, without worrying about the very precise positioning some ex LED lighting demands.

With Stahl’s series 6039 compact tubular light fittings, you have zone 1 and zone 2 lighting that’s a little more forgiving than most.

The tubular design offers uniform illumination through an arc of plus or minus 60 degrees, with input power of less than 15W.

From this, the zone 1 LED lighting can produce output of 1,000 lumens with no flicker, and safety even in the vicinity of rotating equipment.

The manufacturer says: “Featuring ATEX and IEC Ex certifications, the luminaires provide IP66/67 ingress protection and are rated for temperature class T4, with an option for T6.

“They can be operated under rough climatic conditions with ambient temperatures ranging from ­-40 degrees C to +70 degrees C.”

Each luminaire weighs just 1.4kg, has a diameter of 54mm and is 443.5mm in length; they are designed to be installed in maintenance-free ex LED lighting systems, with almost any common input voltage, and the option of a rugged safety guard for extra physical protection.