Ex LED lighting has a very specific purpose – to provide illumination in an area where there is a risk of explosions – and by definition it is therefore a niche industry.

But LED lighting in general is fast becoming not just a mainstream technology, but one that is present on almost every street in our towns and cities.

According to a Navigant Research report, by 2023 LED lighting could constitute 94% of street lighting sales worldwide.

It is already the majority technology, accounting for an estimated 53.3% of street lighting sales in 2014.

As LED lighting is installed for more and more street lighting, it will become an increasingly mature and recognised technology.

This can only be good news for anyone who works in hazardous areas, thanks to the application of ex LED lighting to help prevent explosion risks.

And in addition to the safety precaution of using LED lighting in hazardous areas, all of the usual benefits should also apply.

These include good levels of energy efficiency, low maintenance costs, and the option to control the lamps remotely via a mesh, powerline or radio frequency connection.