Rigorous testing and ongoing innovation combine to ensure Kopex Ex hazardous area equipment offers the best that modern technologies can do, the company reports.

Kopex Ex hazardous area LED lighting, cable protection and conduit systems, junction boxes and control panels, all help to safeguard people and equipment in areas where there might be a risk of explosion due to dust or vapours in the air.

Applications are broad, ranging from onshore and offshore oil and gas through the petrochemicals and utilities sectors, to food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, power generation, mining and the military.

For all of these industries, standards must be both high and rigorously assured, and Kopex Ex hazardous area equipment is tested to global references like ATEX, IECEx, CSA, INMETRO, GOST and UL.

Meanwhile, ongoing development continues to create new and even safer products – such as Kopex Ex hazardous area LED lighting.

This improves life expectancy, reduces power consumption, and improves the photometric profile of the product, while the firm’s LED gear trays can be retrofitted so that existing equipment need not be entirely replaced.