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Capri ADE1F2 Non-armoured Gland

For use with non-armoured, marine shipboard, tray cable, and Type P cable, ADE-1F2 Non-armoured Glands are installed:

  • To provide a flameproof and weatherproof seal on the outer sheath of the cable

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Suitable for the following cable types

  • Non-armoured cable
  • Marine shipboard cable / P Type cable

Product Specification


Nickel-plated brass for superior corrosion resistance.

316 Stainless steel, bronze and aluminium options available.

It is recommended that a suitable lubricant is used on all threads of stainless steel and aluminium versions.

Operating Temperature:

Neoprene seal: -30°C to +80°C

Silicone seal: -60°C to +140°C

Ingress Protection (IP):

Metric Threads:

Fitted on equipment with a flat surface, on threaded hole, or on blank hole (“d” use excluded) fixed by a qualified locknut with all threads engaged:

IP64 and IP66 without Sealing Washer and surface finish of Ra 0.4μm or on threaded hole and surface finish of Ra 1.6μm max.

IP64 and IP66 with all Sealing Washers (Red Fibre, Green Fibre, Neoprene, Nylon or PTFE) on surface Ra 6.3μm max.

IP68 tested 30m/7days with Red Fibre or Green Fibre Sealing Washers on surface Ra 6.3μm max.

NPT Threads:

IP64, 66 and IP68 tested 30m/7days, always fitted on equipment with threaded hole; HTL lubricant may be needed.

Clamping Technology:

Elastomeric seal on cable outer-sheath

External cable clamping module optional

  • Standard material is nickel-plated brass for superior corrosion resistance
  • Provides a flameproof and weatherproof seal on the outer sheath of the cable
  • Universal seal suitable for use in operating temperatures -60°C to +140°C
  • Available with metric or NPT threads
Protection Type Flameproof and Increased Safety
Gland Type Non-armoured
Cable Type Non-armoured, marine shipboard, tray and Type P cable (does not terminate the armour)
Sizes 1/4″ to 4″ (NPT); M12 to M110 (Metric)
Environmental Rating NEMA 4X; IP66/IP68
Standard Material Nickel-plated brass
Optional Materials 316L stainless steel; bronze; aluminum

Capri ADE-1F2 Non-armoured Gland Datasheet

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