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Chalmit Micronex and Maxinex Floodlights
Chalmit Micronex and Maxinex Floodlights

Chalmit Micronex and Maxinex Floodlights Chalmit

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Ex nR Floodlight Zone 2 & 22

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Chalmit Micronex and Maxinex Floodlights Details

The maxinex and micronex form a range of zone 2 floodlights providing excellent photometric performance. The smaller micronex is for 70W double ended high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps and the larger maxinex is for 150W to 400W tubular high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps. The hazardous area protection is Ex nR utilising a restricted breathing enclosure. 

The asymmetric distribution enables areas to be lit more efficiently with less glare or light pollution. This is because the beam is thrown a long distance whilst avoiding excess light levels under the mounting point and having a precise cut off angle. 

Available with a choice of either a narrow or wide beam reflector, the micronex and maxinex offer the opportunity for very effective and efficient lighting schemes to be designed. The enclosure is a robust high pressure die-cast aluminium body with a toughened glass cover in a hinged frame with stainless steel fasteners. The compact design ensures reduced weight and has low windage which helps lower installation costs as it allows more economical support structures. Suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures, -40°C to +55°C, dependant on lamp type and wattage.


  • ATEX Certified
  • GOST & CSA Approved
  • CEPEL Approved (Maxinex only)
Type of Protection     Ex nR (Restricted Breathing)
Area Classification     Zone 2 areas
ATEX Classification     Group II Category 3 G
ATEX     Maxinex: Type Examination Certificate BAS97ATEX4368 

Micronex: Type Examination Certificate BAS98ATEX3054

Coding     Ex II 3 GD Ex nR II (Maxinex)

Ex II 3 G Ex nR II (Micronex)

(refer to datasheet for T rating and Ambient)

Enclosure     Aluminium body & frame with toughened glass window & silicone rubber gasket

Maxinex: RAL-9005 black semi gloss fine textured epoxy painted finish 

Micronex: BN309E black semi gloss fine textured finish

Reflector/Geartray     Wide beam high purity anodised aluminium
Entry     Maxinex: 2 x 20mm diameter holes

Micronex: 1 x 20mm diameter holes

Termination     Maxinex: 3 core 6mm² sq max. conductor with looping

Micronex: 3 core 6mm² max. conductor

Installation     Stirrup mounting
Lampholder     Maxinex: E40

Micronex: Rx7s

Lamp Type     HPS or Metal Halide tubular
Control Gear     Internal copper/iron ballast with ignitor and PFC correction capacitor
Relamping     Access via front glass cover assembly secured by stainless steel screws
Burning Position     Universal
Ingress Protection     IP66/67 to EN 60529
Electrical Supply     220V, 230V, 240V, 254V 50Hz
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Chalmit Micronex and Maxinex Floodlights